Главная / News / He wants to emphasize their adherence to certain fundamental «values ​​that now seem almost lost» in a historical moment in which athletics is in the news not for the sports results but due to an unprecedented doping scandal, «the shortcuts are the most stupid way to should achieve a result.

He wants to emphasize their adherence to certain fundamental «values ​​that now seem almost lost» in a historical moment in which athletics is in the news not for the sports results but due to an unprecedented doping scandal, «the shortcuts are the most stupid way to should achieve a result.

March 4, 2016 — Milan Sofia Vergara Sofia Vergara. Press Even the Juno star of ‘Modern Family’ series, the Colombian Sofia Vergara, has attracted flashes of photographers, showing up at the ceremony with a low-cut dark blue dress by Marchesa: «The South American are genetically privileged because they have a skin naturally resistant and elastic — emphasizes the expert that adds -. This does not mean that the beautiful Colombian has not resorted to any help: first the chemical resurfacing, specifically the TCA buffered (a chemical peel that stimulates cell turnover, ed), face, neck and décolleté. It is likely also the use of pulling wires, for a very natural lifting effect. » Gasport

July 7, 2018 — The Volkswagen Milano launches car sharing in the future Volkswagen will offer its customers even car-sharing services. Since 2019, Volkswagen We will begin to offer the platform in Germany for mobility services on demand, in particular car sharing. Already in 2020, these services will then be extended to other major cities in Europe, North America and Asia.

This announcement of the Member of the Management Board for Sales Jürgen Stackmann at an event in Berlin. Micro-mobility — In addition to car sharing, on-demand services will also include the so-called micro-mobility solutions. With the I.D. Cityskater and study I.D.

Streetmate, (read here) Volkswagen recently presented innovative electric mobility devices for urban centers. Looking ahead, the services at the request of Volkswagen We platform, which could also be used to provide services such as app for parking, are designed to be complementary to those of MOIA offers mobility solutions, company car electric pooling of the Wolfsburg group. Alessandro Pastore

February 19, 2014 — Milan Vic Wild and his wife Alena Zavarzina, gold and bronze respectively. A LaPresse arm on the podium snowboarding. O hand in hand. With the two wedding rings, and added the five Olympic rings. Together on the podium, with the same Russian flag, and very American heart (by him).

Couple giant and parallel crosses couple, couple who won the Olympic Winter Games: love bloomed on the table has yielded a happy marriage 1xbet web and two medals signed by him, Vic Wild, born in 1986 in Washington state in Klickitat, and Alena Zavarzina, born in 1989 in Novosibirsk.     links Copy   GalleriaSochi: Olympics … to baciogold and bronze — the two hours when they are not on the track live in Moscow, and will remember this day as the most beautiful of their lives after marriage. Vic has indeed triumphed in front of the Swiss Nevin Galmarini and the Slovenian Zan Kosir as well Alena took the podium, bronze behind a Swiss gold, Patrizia Kummer gold on the Japanese Takeuchi (who had fate out in the second round Corina Boccaccini, only got blue the second phase). «We are happy, we are surprised, really great toast together with two medals» tear the words from his mouth the two.

Marriage — They married in 2011 and he has become transferred to her house because he did not see prospects in competitive giant American team. Today in Rosa Kothur was sunny and this couple wanted to give Russia two medals sensational. He denies that true American the greatest joy to his country of origin to grant it to his adopted country. She who married the right man to go fast in the sport.

What a story, carved on the table … From our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli

September 20, 2014 — Milan «An Olympic champion is not just an athlete who wins a race. And ‘a man or a woman who is transformed, not just cross the finish line, a messenger of values ​​that now seem almost lost. » the man — a few words, simple but effective. Words spoken from the heart of a man who has made it big Italian athletics and that ten years ago has achieved her biggest dream is to win the Olympic marathon.

Our front page of the August 30, 2004, dedicated to Olympic gold in the marathon runner Stefano Baldini has chosen the most original and courageous way to tell her the difficult time that is going through the Italian athletics of which he is one of the most prestigious symbols. The Olympic champion in Athens in 2004, what the Journal had celebrated with the first page titled God marathon has decided to buy one of our newspaper space, without the knowledge even to close family members, to raise awareness among our readers and its fans on sport clean. GalleriaLa party Baldini to 10 years from gold in Athens values ​​- Tomorrow Baldini will be engaged as head blue juniors in Udine for the international meeting with France and Serbia » i wish the young people, the guys who practice athletics and cultivate their dreams in sport to have, as it happened to me, the opportunity to grow, to choose and to learn how to do so themselves «highlights Baldini in his letter. He wants to emphasize their adherence to certain fundamental «values ​​that now seem almost lost» in a historical moment in which athletics is in the news not for the sports results but due to an unprecedented doping scandal, «the shortcuts are the most stupid way to should achieve a result. » Part of the far Baldini speech, since that August 29, 2004 that changed his life and that he recalled in his Rubiera with friends, family and fans. A unique emotion, remembered ten years later by the warmth and affection of the people: «Your was a long embrace as a marathon, huge and heart-warming, which enveloped me and gave a satisfaction, a teaching and a responsibility far more important than the medal that I put around his neck, «he stressed the Olympic champion on page 28 of today’s journal, which concludes with a» warning «intended to encourage young and old to act in the sign of humility:» Remember you can get great results even without looking at the start of the phenomena and that in life, as in sport, whatever happens, you have to keep running. » Gasport

January 26, 2019 — Milan Lorenzo Musetti after the triumph. Getty Images Five Italian for six Slam junior titles: Musetti Lorenzo is expanding the list of blue tennis players are able to win at youth level one of the four most important tournaments in the world. It takes the question: where you can get the new baby sample of the racket?

The first to win a Grand Slam junior was Corrado Barazzutti, at Roland Garros in 1971: the beginning of a journey that led him to touch in ’78, two years after the triumph in Davis, the 7 world ranking position. In 1987 he’s up to Diego Nargiso win a Youth Slam, on the grass of Wimbledon; Neapolitan tennis, then seventeen years, then will reach a maximum of 67 of the world rankings, in ’98. It is a real exploits to Andrea Gaudenzi in 1990: he won Roland Garros and US Open junior sequentially.

Five years later he will come up to 18th place in the ATP world rankings. Finally, last blue before Musetti, Gianluigi Quinzi: in 2013 he won Wimbledon, then the career among the `senior’ brings it up to 146 in 2018. Women — Unlike the speech from the blue, five winners Slam jr. but none of them was later confirmed when the registry threshold exceeded.

The roll of honor of Paris marks Italy in 1955 with Maria Teresa Riedl, with Francesca Gordigani in ’58, in ’85 with Laura Garrone; to Flushing Meadow still 85 with Garrone, in ’93 with Maria Teresa Bentivoglio. foreign — Scrolling through the list of winners of the four Grand Slam jr. stand out names such as Lendl, Federer, Borg, Orantes, McEnroe and Stefan Edberg — only one capable, in ’83, to win all four youth tournaments — but also many, many names disappeared from the elite of world tennis. Gasport

April 24, 2017 — Milan, the German staffettiste incredulous for victory. AFP The third edition of the World steffette Nassau (Bahamas) are still close once in a sign that the US, in the night, have signed three other successes, winning a total of five of the nine races of the program. In day-2 the Stars and Stripes waving well on both 4×400: the male quartet of David Verburg, Tony McQuay, Kyle Clemons and LaShawn Merritt ran in 3’02 «13.

Clearer affirmation among women, 3’24 «36 Phyllis Francis (50″ 42 in the hamlet), Ashley Spencer, Quanera Hayes and Natasha Hastings. Victoria and season best performance (7’13 «16) even with the 4×800 men dragged the decisive sprint Olympic bronze Clayton Murphy.


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